SecuDesktop Pro uses advanced biometric technology to safeguard desktop and laptop PCs against unauthorized intrusion. SecuDesktop Pro’s fingerprint authentication “module” integrates seamlessly into the Windows logon process that allows a user to logon with username + fingerprint (in verification mode) or fingerprint only (in identification mode). Using fingerprints instead of passwords, SecuDesktop Pro provides a powerful, more secure and convenient way to logon to Windows and protect information resources stored in the computer.

At the core of SecuDesktop Pro are SecuGen’s NIST certified, MINEX-compliant, ANSI-INCITS 378-2004 fingerprint template extraction and matching algorithms that have been tested and approved for use in the U.S. government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program, defined by the FIPS 201 standard. Additionally, SecuDesktop Pro works with the SecuGen Hamster IV fingerprint reader, which was recently certified by the FBI as FIPS 201 compliant.

By supporting Windows Vista, SecuDesktop Pro takes advantage of Vista’s redesigned logon architecture that gives greater reliability and flexibility in choosing and combining multiple strong authentication methods. By supporting FIPS 201, SecuDesktop Pro gives users greater confidence that the fingerprint technology meets the U.S. government’s rigorous performance and compliance requirements for biometric security.

“Fingerprint authentication is increasingly being deployed by IT organizations because they realize the need for greater security,” stated Dan Riley, VP of Software Development at SecuGen. “Our team continues to relentlessly pursue our long held commitment to provide our customers with precisely the products and tools that they need to meet their requirements for security and convenience. With SecuDesktop Pro’s support for Vista, we are pleased to help make it easier for IT departments to implement fingerprint biometrics that will work with our robust fingerprint readers.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen, added, “We have always turned to our reseller partners when deciding where to focus our efforts. Once again they have spoken. SecuGen fingerprint technology, combined with the Windows Vista operating system, delivers a more highly secure environment than has previously been available. We are very pleased to offer this new version of SecuDesktop that provides our partners with critical new technologies: support for Windows Vista as well as the FIPS 201 standard in our fingerprint algorithms and Hamster IV fingerprint reader.”

In addition to Hamster IV, SecuDesktop Pro v2.0 is compatible with SecuGen’s complete line of USB fingerprint readers including Hamster III, Hamster Plus, OptiMouse III, and Keyboard III for both commercial and government use.

To build custom fingerprint biometric applications on Windows Vista, SecuGen’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) Collection 10 provides Windows Vista device drivers together with MINEX-compliant fingerprint algorithms, APIs and developer tools.