The SCO Group, Inc. today confirmed that it is experiencing a distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attack. SCO announced that it is offering a reward of up to a total of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for creating the Mydoom virus.

“During the past ten months SCO has been the target of several DDOS attacks,” said Darl McBride, president and CEO, The SCO Group, Inc. “This one is different and much more troubling, since it harms not just our company, but also damages the systems and productivity of a large number of other companies and organizations around the world. The perpetrator of this virus is attacking SCO, but hurting many others at the same time. We do not know the origins or reasons for this attack, although we have our suspicions. This is criminal activity and it must be stopped. To this end, SCO is offering a total of $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this crime.”

SCO is also working with U.S. law enforcement authorities including the U.S. Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to determine the identity of the individual(s) involved. Anyone with this information may contact their local FBI office.

The Mydoom worm, also known as Novarg, is a mass-mailing worm that arrives as an attachment with the file extension .bat, .cmd, .exe, .pif, .scr, or .zip. When a user opens the attachment their computer becomes infected and uses their computer with the intention of connecting to the Web site on February 1, 2004. Network security firms including Network Associates and Symantec have already issued software updates to combat this particular worm.