The SCO Group, Inc. today announced a broad array of new and enhanced UNIX products as well as new channel support and training programs. The upcoming product releases mark the largest across-the-board group of product enhancements from SCO in several years. New or enhanced UNIX products from SCO and their expected availability dates include:

* UnixWare 7.1.4 (now shipping)

* Smallfoot embedded UNIX (now shipping)

* SCOoffice Server 4.1 (July 2004)

* Vintela Authentication from SCO Release 2.6 (August 2004)
* Legend—the code name for the next release of OpenServer (1st Quarter 2005)

* Reseller training and support programs

UnixWare 7.1.4—A major upgrade to the UnixWare product line, 7.1.4 includes many enhancements that continue to keep UnixWare as the most reliable, stable, scalable and affordable operating system in its class. UnixWare 7.1.4 adds support to enable UnixWare to run thousands of Java and Web Services applications.

SCOoffice Server 4.1—SCOoffice Server 4.1 is a reliable, full-featured Internet e-mail and collaboration solution for small and medium businesses. SCOoffice Server stops e-mail viruses, filters out junk e-mail, and secures e-mail access. Providing more than just e-mail services, SCOoffice Server also delivers a real-time collaboration solution for scheduling group meetings, sharing contact lists and folders, and managing group task lists. SCOoffice Server integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® and industry-standard e-mail readers and Web browsers.

Smallfoot—SCO’s formal entry into the embedded UNIX market, Smallfoot consists of a toolkit that is used to create the Smallfoot embedded UNIX operating system. The toolkit is a rapid development tool that allows organizations to create a small software footprint operating system (i.e., Smallfoot embedded UNIX) customized for a variety of applications including Point of Sale, gaming, hand-held and a variety of other devices.

Vintela Authentication from SCO Release 2.6—Vintela Authentication from SCO (VAS) is the company’s offering for managing a single user identity across a heterogeneous UNIX and Windows® environment. VAS uses Kerberos encryption to protect sensitive user credentials, providing network and user security. Release 2.6 will include additional MMC snap-ins, cross-forest authentication, and much more.

Legend—code-name for the next release of OpenServer—due to ship in the 1st quarter of 2005. This development effort is the first step for SCO in supporting a single UNIX development path for both OpenServer and UnixWare. It enables us to continue to support the 32-bit Intel architecture while adding support for 64-bit advanced computing. The benefit to our customers is enhanced support for 1,000s of applications written for UNIX, Java, and the ability to connect them with Web Services. Legend continues our commitment to value, security and reliability.

“Customers value the proven reliability and security of SCO UnixWare and SCO OpenServer running on pervasive Intel and AMD hardware,” said Jeff Hunsaker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SCO’s UNIX division. “Through today’s announcements, SCO is demonstrating our long-term commitment to UNIX customers by providing significant upgrades to our flagship UNIX products. In addition, SCO is providing solutions that enhance our UNIX offerings with updates to SCOoffice Server and Vintela Authentication.”

Along with new product offerings, SCO today announced several new programs for its strong UNIX reseller organization. These training and marketing programs will provide SCO resellers with the expertise and support to ensure their success in selling SCO products. These training and marketing programs include:

* SCOoffice Server technical training on administration and client access

* In-depth hands-on training at SCO Forum 2004 for SCOoffice Server 4.1. This training is available to any attendee at SCO Forum for a small registration fee

* Power of UNIX marketing and co-branding materials available through the SCO Partner Lounge at

* Co-branding materials such as Web banners, magazine ads, HTML templates, and product collateral

* Rebate programs available to partners through Area Sales Managers and the North America marketing team

* Marketing Development Funds (MDF) available to Premier partners