Samsung Canada, the No. 1 TV and mobile phone provider in Canada1, announced today that they are enhancing the way Videotron customers watch TV with the launch of two new set top boxes – the Samsung HD box and the HD PVR. Both products will be available exclusively through Videotron, in support of their next generation illico digital TV service.

“We are very excited to enter the Canadian cable broadcasting market through illico TV new generation Service, the most advanced TV experience in Canada, provided by Videotron,” said Paul Brannen, Vice President, Enterprise Business Group at Samsung Canada. “As an established leader in TVs and mobile devices, Samsung is focused on delivering premium and innovative products that enable Canadians to enjoy interactive home entertainment services team up with a telecommunications leader in Canada, Videotron.”

The advanced features of Samsung set-top boxes provide illico customers with an enhanced multi-media experience, including high-definition video and functionality to record media for over 350 digital channels and practical interactive services to its customers. Samsung set-top boxes will be available throughout Videotron’s retail network.

“Samsung consumers have told us that they want access to more content and a way to find it more easily,” continued Brannen. “As a result, Samsung is focused on developing technologies that enable our customers to multitask – in their lives and through their devices.”

“Samsung is known for their premium products and innovative services for consumers and were a natural fit to select as a set-top box provider for illico TV new generation,” said Pierre Roy, Vice President, Engineering, Research and Development, Videotron. “As we looked to expand our Digital TV Service, it was a natural fit to work with Samsung as an established leader in TVs and mobile devices.”