<p.According to data released today by Moneris
Solutions (www.moneris.com), Canada's largest processor of credit, debit and
gift card payments, local spending during the Toronto International Film
Festival (TIFF) continues to rise with a 12 percent increase in spending
($CDN) over last year's festival. TIFF, one of the world's most prestigious
international film festivals, attracts thousands of people into Toronto each
year bolstering the local economy. During the festival, Moneris helped its
customers process more than 1.7-million payments.

Industries that saw significant increases in customer spending this year
included retail stores (42%), fast food chains (66%), and restaurants (29%).
Moneris customers, including renowned restaurant and celebrity hot-spot
Sassafraz (www.sassafraz.ca), use card payment processing technology to
deliver a seamless customer experience during the 10-day festival.

“Sassafraz has tremendous local support and it’s our ability to deliver
an exceptional dining experience that keeps our customers coming back,” said
Zoran Kocovski, Owner of Sassafraz. “TIFF draws a large crowd and is a very
busy time for us. Taking advantage of technology from Moneris, ensures that we
can focus what we do best – guaranteeing our guests remember the experience,
not the process.”

Sassafraz uses the HiSpeed 6200 solution to process debit and credit card
payments. Using the Point of Sale (POS) solutions from Moneris provides its
customers with the technology to cost-effectively process transactions over
the Internet up to 50 percent faster than systems using dedicated dial-up
lines. Moneris provides streamlined reporting to support the control and
accounting of cashflow with the Merchant Direct business reporting tool.
Accounting departments can view consolidated data either online or in
spreadhseets daily to provide an up-to-date view of the business.

“Every year we see film festivals having greater economic value for local
retail companies,” said Brian Green, SVP, Moneris Solutions. “As Canada’s
largest electronic payment processing provider, we’re proud that our
technology plays a critical role in helping Toronto businesses tap into their
full potential and easily meet consumer demands.”