Point clouds are extremely large
data files usually created through the use of laser scanning, high definition
surveying, or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). They provide a more
accurate representation of existing conditions whether of a terrain surface or
urban center, a roadway or bridge, or the interior/exterior of a building.

The Ambercore Software point cloud technology will enable customers to
read, store, index, and quickly retrieve the extremely large data sets
associated with laser scanning and LIDAR. As a result they will be able to
visualize and analyze data in 3D and better build high-precision 3D models.

Examples of customer benefits include:

– Local government, utility and telecommunications customers will be able
to maximize the return on their investment in large-scale LIDAR mapping
and infrastructure projects.

– AEC customers will experience the power of Building Information
Modeling (BIM) earlier in the project lifecycle. By providing the
capability to incorporate highly accurate LIDAR data into the design
process, we will provide a foundation for creating more accurate
designs faster. This will be particularly beneficial to our civil
engineering customers involved in road and highway design.

“The point cloud technology from Ambercore Software will allow Autodesk
customers to easily incorporate extremely large and highly accurate LIDAR data
into the design and infrastructure management process,” said Lisa Campbell,
vice president, Autodesk Geospatial. “The incorporation of this technology
into Autodesk’s portfolio of Geospatial and Building Information Modeling
software means that our customers will be able to start with a digital model
earlier in the design process or expand the precision and detail of existing
infrastructure databases. As a result they will be able to create more
accurate design and mapping information and use that information to visualize,
simulate, and analyze projects before they are built.”

“Ambercore’s point cloud software has been engineered to efficiently
manipulate extremely large spatial data,” said Martin Sendyk, President and
CEO of Ambercore Software. “With the increasing proliferation of 3D sensing
equipment and resultant point cloud data, the ability to extract intelligence
from massive 3D data sets is more important than ever. We are very excited to
be solving this challenge with an innovative company like Autodesk.”