Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, introduced industry-first innovations that address the top risks organizations face today—from business email compromise (BEC), the leading cause of financial loss for organizations, to ransomware and data exfiltration. The unified solutions, announced at Proofpoint Protect 2023, span the company’s Aegis Threat Protection, Identity Threat Defense and Sigma Information Protection platforms to thwart threats across the most critical stages of the attack chain. Fueled by trillions of detected threat activities sourced from one of the most comprehensive data sets in the industry, Proofpoint’s new AI- and ML-powered innovations equip security practitioners with unmatched visibility, flexibility, and depth to detect and disrupt sophisticated adversaries across their organizations’ attack surfaces.

AI and ML require robust detection models and a high-fidelity data pipeline to yield accurate detection rates, operational efficiencies, and automated protection. Proofpoint customers benefit from one of the largest and most diverse global cybersecurity data pipelines across email, the cloud, and mobile computing. Every year, Proofpoint analyzes an unparalleled amount of data sourced from more than 2.8 trillion scanned email messages, 17 trillion scanned URLs, 1.3 trillion scanned SMS and MMS, and 46 million DLP end users.

The global increase in cyberattacks has been enabled by attackers shifting their tactics and focus to identity-based attacks, with 84% of organizations falling victim to an identity-related breach last year. When attackers first land on a host, it’s very rarely their end target. Instead, they escalate privilege and move laterally across an environment to exploit privileged credentials.

By bringing together market-leading data across the attack chain between Proofpoint’s Aegis and Identity Threat Defense platforms, security practitioners can understand the number of attack paths for ransomware and data exfiltration should an employee’s identity be compromised for privileged identity abuse and lateral movement with Proofpoint’s new Attack Path Risk. Available in Q4 within Proofpoint’s TAP dashboard, organizations that add Proofpoint’s Identity Threat Defense to their Proofpoint Aegis implementation can empower their analysts to swiftly prioritize the remediation and adaptive controls.

Proofpoint continues to deliver unique AI and ML innovations based on telemetry from its vast customer set comprised of more than 230,000 global enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses as well as 150 ISP and mobile network providers. Previewed for the first time at Protect 2023, Proofpoint Security Assistant, a new generative AI user interface, empowers analysts to ask natural language questions and receive actionable insights and recommendations based on the trillions of combined data points across Proofpoint’s platforms.

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