Latitude Communications has signed an original equipment manufacturing agreement with PeopleSoft, Inc. Pursuant to the agreement, PeopleSoft has embedded Latitude’s MeetingPlace iCreate® into selected training products marketed under PeopleSoft’s brand. Latitude is a leading provider of fully integrated web and voice conferencing, and rich-media content publishing applications.

MeetingPlace iCreate enables educators and business communicators to create rich-media content themselves for distance learning, corporate training and sales demos. Users convert PowerPoint presentations into engaging, highly accessible Flash content at a fraction of the cost and time needed for Flash design. Text, graphics, animation, audio and interactive elements such as quizzes are converted to Flash, compressing the file’s size by up to 90 percent. Through reducing the time and costs of creating content, customers often gain a return on investment in days.

PeopleSoft has licensed both product versions of MeetingPlace iCreate, which include an enterprise-licensed solution and desktop software. PeopleSoft will use the enterprise solution to develop training products, including its popular on-demand training series, “Cyber Seminars,” and will resell the desktop software under the PeopleSoft brand. The company will also provide customization services supported by Latitude to enable PeopleSoft’s customers to create interactive surveys that converse with the company’s learning management system.

“Using MeetingPlace iCreate, we’ve accelerated training profits by maximizing the cost-effectiveness of producing, packaging and selling e- learning content,” said Jon Faulk, PeopleSoft’s manager of learning technologies. Faulk, who leads a team of designers who build education technology solutions, added, “We’re excited to move beyond using the product ourselves to offering it to our customers so that they can enhance their training initiatives.”

“We’re delighted that PeopleSoft is utilizing MeetingPlace iCreate in its learning technology offerings and marketing the solution with products under its esteemed brand,” said Rick McConnell, Latitude’s chief executive officer. “Through this partnership, PeopleSoft is extending its reach to rich-media content publishing while Latitude is broadening its market for real-time collaboration and on-demand presentation offerings.”