This unique
service enables users to make free calls from any existing landline or mobile
phone, to any other phone, locally and internationally.

With this new free-calls service, one simply provides his/her own number
and the number one wants to call and POKETALK connects between the two phones.
Users can take advantage of this new service by visiting No devices, headsets, or software downloads are
necessary. In addition no registration fee or monthly fee is required.

This service is of tremendous value to the general public. It offers a
way of saving money to people who enjoy communication. Calls to friends and
family as well as business calls will now be free worldwide in a new and
innovative way.

The POKETALK service of Parrot-Media subsidizes the phone calls by
displaying targeted advertising on the screen during the call. These
advertisements are tailored to the caller’s profile and serve as effective
engagement points for advertisers.

The company developed this technology to address two recognized market

– A growing requirement for free communication of any kind, using
existing infrastructure and devices: Users want to do away from the
need for PCs, headsets and special phones. They want to use their own
phone and get top level communication.

– A growing requirement for direct and targeted advertisements: Exposed
only to the target audience, per their area of interest, generating
maximum return on the advertisement investment.

This free service also offers advertisers the opportunity for highly
targeted exposure, to their specific audience. This assures the caller a
completely free, high-quality service, while the advertiser receives a highly
targeted, unique advertising exposure. This is a win-win situation. Both sides
benefit and earn.

“The communication business worldwide is rapidly changing into different
‘freemium’ models,” said Tamir Galili, Parrot-Media’s CEO. “Similarly,
internet advertising is searching for fully targeted capabilities to enhance
ROI. Parrot-Media,” adds Tamir Galili, “is the first platform to optimize
targeting, using its AI user databases and rewarding its subscribers by
offering free domestic and international communications that utilize existing
infrastructure, eliminating the need for any dedicated devices.”

Parrot-Media plans to be innovative in all elements of its applications
and features. There is new Facebook application which allows users to call
directly from their Facebook profile in a simple 1-click step. The company
soon plans to offer other communication services for free including conference
calling, a mobile application for free mobile calls from anywhere, and much