The “NewsApp” technology empowers its media syndication partner’s
traditional and mobile web pages with:

– Targeted news videos

– Location based data through Google Map integration

– Near real-time translations of local stories in 7 different languages

– Advanced Video search capabilities

– Multiple advertising schemes including Google AdSense for Video,

Double Click/Dart and proprietary advertising engines

– CPM and Click through monetization support

– Exclusive “Live Feed” content

The MediaScrape(TM) “NewApp” can be formatted to fit any size requirement
from thumbnail to standard size (300×250) to customized configuration and can
“ingest” resident content to be played, searched, and related contextually
alongside MediaScrape(TM) syndication content. The “NewsApp” can “ingest” or
replace any resident video player.

Tyler N. Cavell, MediaScrape’s founder and CEO stated:

“Newspaper brands are amongst the strongest in the world. Yet newspaper
readership is dropping precipitously. With our “NewsApp”, the companion web
sites of newspapers can and will make up for any loss in offline readership.
Our shared vision is that every photo that accompanies a news story online
will also be a video with the on-demand and interactive tools that we have
developed that drive audiences and therefore advertising opportunities.”