Building on the popularity of the Tungsten™ E handheld, which has sold nearly 2 million units worldwide, palmOne, Inc. today announced the Tungsten E2 handheld. With the additions of a brighter color screen, flash memory, Bluetooth® wireless technology and a more powerful battery, the Tungsten E2 provides upscale, premium features at a budget-conscious price—$249 (estimated U.S. street price).

“This sleek, stylish device is the perfect handheld to take into the boardroom or the classroom,” said Ken Wirt, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for palmOne. “With the versatile Tungsten E2, customers get more of what they want—Bluetooth, and a brighter, richer color screen that brings calendar, contacts, documents, photos and videos to life. Plus, flash memory to keep important information safe, even when you forget to charge the device.”

The Tungsten E has proven enormously popular with budget-conscious professionals and consumers alike, helping it achieve a remarkable 17 months of sales-leading statistics, according to The NPD Group. Introduced in October 2003, the Tungsten E represented a new way of thinking about an enterprise-class handheld. Whether for home or in the office, individuals no longer had to sacrifice price for performance or professional features for multimedia. Instead, palmOne designed Tungsten E from the ground up to include cutting-edge features for work and play at an affordable price.

Tungsten E2 Handheld Expanded Features/Benefits

—View the world on a brighter, richer color display
The Tungsten E2 handheld has a new, brighter 320×320 color display,
making it easy for professionals and consumers to see their schedules,
contacts, and work documents—indoors and out. Better color
saturation brings photos and video clips to life in rich, dazzling

—Relax with non-volatile, flash memory
32MB of non-volatile flash memory with 26MB actual storage capacity
gives Tungsten E2 handheld users more than enough room to hold their
calendars, contacts, applications, photos, spreadsheets and
presentations. The Tungsten E2 battery provides longer battery life
than the original Tungsten E. And because it’s flash memory, the
information on the handheld is protected—even if the battery happens
to run out.

—Connect with Bluetooth enabled wireless devices
With the Tungsten E2’s built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, users
can synchronize the device with their desktops wirelessly.(1) They can
even use their Tungsten E2 handheld with a compatible Bluetooth phone
to send and receive email, or to check news headlines on the web.(2)

—Carry MP3 files, digital photos, and video clips in pocket or purse
The Tungsten E2 becomes a portable MP3 player. Users simply plug in
an expansion card loaded with their favorite MP3s and use the built-in
speaker or stereo headphones.(5) Photos or video clips of friends and
family can be carried across town or around the globe by inserting an
SD Card from a digital camera to show off photos on the Tungsten E2’s
stunning color display.(4)

—Productivity on the road
The Tungsten E2 comes with DataViz’s Documents To Go® software, which
lets mobile professionals carry important Word, Excel and PowerPoint
files so they can be more productive wherever they are. And with a
simple conversion step, Acrobat PDF files can be viewed.

—Powerful performance and expansion options
The Tungsten E2 handheld comes with a powerful 200MHz Intel XScale
processor and 32MB of RAM (26MB user available), providing the room and
speed for complex documents or applications. Users can connect their
device to palmOne’s Wireless Keyboard(5) to make working on business
documents easier. The built-in expansion card slot accepts
MultiMediaCard, SD and SDIO formats, for eBooks, games, language
translator and more.(5)

Pricing and Availability

palmOne’s Tungsten E2 handheld has an estimated U.S. street price of $249 and will be available on April 13 from the palmOne online store ( ) and select retail stores worldwide.

The company also reduced the price of the Zire™ 31 handheld by $20—now $129 (estimated U.S. street price).

Additional information about the new Tungsten E2 handheld can be found online at .