VoiceLog LLC today announced the availability of VOIP recording for all variants of voice over IP in its VirtualLogger ASP/service bureau platform.

The availability of VOIP recording for VirtualLogger means that call centers can now do call recording & quality monitoring on their VOIP platforms on a “pay as you go” basis. VirtualLogger is the only call recording offering with no upfront capital costs, allowing call centers to keep their cash and enjoy ROIs as much as twenty times higher than with traditional purchasing models. And VirtualLogger eliminates technological obsolescence, provides remote system monitoring, and offers long-term storage of recordings, all at no additional charge.

“Our vision is completely in line with where VOIP will take telephony,” said Karl Erickson, Chief Technology Officer for VoiceLog. “We see a future in which audio recording is just a software based function managed completely offsite. Supporting on-site recording of VOIP is just one of many steps we’re taking in providing enterprise recording capabilities such as speech analytics, screen capture, and other technologies in a managed, service provider approach.”

As part of the VirtualLogger family of services, VOIP calls recorded by VoiceLog can also be integrated with VirtualView™ screen capture software, VirtualScore™ call evaluation software, speech analytics, third party monitoring and many other services designed to help you get the most from your call center—all on a “pay as you go” basis.

VirtualLogger has been named 2004 “Product of the Year” by Communications Solutions magazine and received the “CRM Excellence Award” by Customer Inter@ctions Solutions magazine. VoiceLog is also a two-time INC 500 award winner.

In addition to its quality monitoring and call recording business, VoiceLog is the world leader in Third Party Verification and transaction recording. VoiceLog provides service to more than 60% of North America’s telecom companies as well as most electric and natural gas utilities using TPV.

For more information about VoiceLog, call Larry Leikin at 410.647.4384 or email him at lleikin@voicelog.net.