Initially, the OSI Applications unit will introduce the COP-IDS developers kit to defense contractors and research and development groups within existing Command and Control programs.

What is COPIDS

COP-IDS was launched in March 2003. It is a client-server application that allows customers to rapidly and cost effectively integrate OSI’s mapping and imagery display technology into existing command and control systems.

COP-IDS stands for Common Operational Picture – Image Display Server, and it is designed to meet the emerging requirements for the display of ever increasing formats of geographical data and images. Existing command and control systems have limited abilities to display mapping information, and many simply display coloured symbols on top of a black background. COP-IDS enables these systems to overlay these symbols on top of any combination of land maps, nautical charts, or a satellite imagery and display the situation precisely and accurately on a single monitor.

A commander in a field command post or on the bridge of a ship sees the terrain and the tactical picture combined and is able to grasp all aspects of the situation – the terrain, the location of forces, other friendly forces, movements of enemy forces and other critical information – in one combined view. COP-IDS also allows customers to share data across command and control systems, answering the growing requirement for inter-operability among allies and land-based, marine or air forces.

We believe that COP-IDS is a powerful enhancement to existing systems, and a solid foundation component for new systems.

OSI estimates that the major naval defense community will spend approximately US$2.5 billion during the next fifteen years on procurements which improve situational awareness for command and control systems. Given the early stage of the product’s entry into this market, much uncertainty exists at this time in terms of which individual customers and which particular improvements COP-IDS can most readily address. However, OSI is optimistic about the future success of COP-IDS considering its broader application, beyond this US$2.5 billion opportunity with naval customers, to land-based and air forces.

Applications Business Unit Update

OSI previously announced five sales of COP-IDS to established customers and partners, and the OSI Applications unit is now initiating the roll-out of the product to the broader command and control market.

The OSI Applications unit is led by Andrew Carniel, Vice President of Business Development for OSI. His leadership of the Navigation Systems unit established OSI as a leading supplier of military navigation systems. He will now focus upon expanding OSI’s existing Navy relationships into the broader and larger global command and control marketplace for all forces – land-based, air and marine.

“We have great expectations for both COP-IDS and the OSI Applications unit in general. The team will be focused on leveraging our strong market position and reputation for excellence in the management and display of geographical data”, said Mr. Carniel. “In support of this initiative, we are building a new team strictly focused on the requirements of the command and control market.”

During the past few weeks, additions to the OSI Applications team include a Director of Sales, a Canadian Area Sales Manager and a Technical Manager – who collectively bring more than 45 years of business and product development within client-server applications and military sales.