Onset Computer Corporation, the leader in reliable, battery-powered data loggers and data logger/controllers, today announced the HOBO OEM, an inexpensive, four-channel data logger for measuring and recording temperature, humidity, and other parameters. Designed for fast, easy integration into a broad range of OEM products – from portable medical devices to water systems testing instruments – the HOBO OEM offers original equipment manufacturers a number of important advantages, including:

—Battery-powered operation – The HOBO OEM runs for up to one year on user-replaceable battery, making it an ideal choice for use in portable products and remote applications.
—4 analog input channels – allows for the use of multiple, independent sensors.
—Programmable sensor warm-up – The HOBO OEM can be configured to allow sensors to power up before measurements are taken.

To enable seamless integration between HOBO OEM loggers and OEM host software programs, Onset offers turnkey communications software. This enables end users to launch, offload, and relaunch HOBO OEMs via the host program. Onset also offers its Educator Software, which enables OEMs to quickly create customized user interfaces, and its BoxCar® graphing and analysis software, which makes it easy for end-users to launch and readout HOBO OEM loggers, and graph or export their data.

HOBO OEM data loggers are currently available from Onset Computer Corporation, with prices starting at $64 in quantities of 250 or more. Onset’s Educator and BoxCar® software packages can be purchased separately.