Oce announced today that the Oce CS6060 low solvent, high performance large format inkjet printer will be available for order in the United States and Canada beginning in January 2005. The Oce CS6060 delivers high quality 720 dpi graphics with outdoor durability up to 3 years at production printing speeds. It uses low solvent inks that provide a wider color gamut than traditional solvent inks for more vibrant output.

Large Format, High Quality Prints at Production Speeds

The Oce CS6060 is a 64-inch wide printer that offers true 720×720 dpi resolution at print speeds of up to 176 sq. ft. per hour in four-pass mode. It is a six-color printer that utilizes super-wide piezo inkjet print heads, featuring 512 nozzles per color, to deliver high print speeds. In two-pass mode, print speeds of up to 330 sq. ft. can be achieved with a resolution of 720×360 dpi. The industrial-grade print heads have been designed to provide durability and reliability in professional printing environments.

The Oce CS6060 is ideal for short-run print jobs and is designed for light production environments where high quality output and outdoor durability are required. Sample applications include point-of-purchase displays, vehicle graphics, transit advertising, exhibit graphics, banners, museum graphics, wayfinding and window displays.

Low Solvent Inks Offer Wider Color Gamut

The new Oce IJC610 series low solvent inks utilized in the Oce CS6060 offer an expanded color gamut. The super-CMYK (black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow) printing system ensures color accuracy and high density and delivers rich reds and deep blacks for printing onto a wide range of uncoated media.

The specially formulated inks are cyclohexanon-free and contain lower concentrations of solvents so users will notice significantly lower fume levels. The aggressive adhesion technology of these inks provides up to three years of outdoor durability, superior lightfastness and scratch resistance. Oce IJC610 series inks are also resistant to everyday cleaning solutions.

The Oce CS6060 is ideal for the print provider that wants to offer outdoor durability but prefers to use a low solvent ink formulation. It complements the Oce Arizona line of large format printers that use solvent or UV-curable inks by offering another ink formula option while delivering production speeds and high quality output.

Easy-to-Use, Designed for Production Environments

The Oce CS6060 printer is very easy to use, from the control panel to media handling and ink replacement. Quick release adjustable media holders ease change-outs, and a secondary holder is available for heavy rolls. Dual pressure grid rollers accommodate different media thicknesses. An optical media take-up system automatically rolls up printed media in four user- selectable configurations: face-in or face-out, with or without slack. The one-liter ink cartridges can be replaced on-the-fly without stopping the printer.

An adjustable vacuum system ensures media is flat as it passes across the printing platen, and edge guards prevent curled media edges from hitting the print head. The Oce CS6060 carriage head height can be adjusted to accommodate media from 2.7 mils to 24.8 mils thick. A fully automated head cleaning system is included that can be selected manually or set up to automatically run at pre-set times. Three integrated heating systems are included to quickly dry the inks. An optional external dryer is also available whenever extreme drying capacity is required.


The Oce CS6060 will be available for order in the United States and Canada beginning in January 2005. The U.S. list price will be $32,995 for the printer only. Ink pricing will be announced at a later date. The Oce CS6060 has been available from Oce in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa since July 2004.