No Panic Computing Inc. today announced its
industry-first secure mobile computing offering for small business that
alleviates data loss, data breach and business interruptions in a laptop

No Panic Computing (NPC) delivers a worry-free computing experience for
small business professionals concerned with the security of their information
and that of their clients. The highly-secure, cost-predictive NPC solution is
offered exclusively on HP enterprise notebooks along with office software,
backup, security, encryption, accidental damage protection, warranty and
unlimited 24/7 support, all expertly engineered and pre-configured for a low
monthly price of $129.95.

Designed for easy implementation and use, NPC ships the industry’s first
notebook that includes technology that proactively monitors the user’s system
for the quality and completeness of the secure data backup, the integrity of
the encryption system, and for viruses or tampering attacks. Biometric
technology as well as managed security policies are also used.

NPC is working with industry-leading companies HP, Intel and Iron
Mountain to deliver its best-in-class solution for small and mid-sized
business (SMB).
According to new NPC-commissioned research conducted in May 2008 by
AMI-Partners Research, 70 per cent of Canadian small businesses state that
data security is a priority to their business – the highest rate among all
categories, eclipsing basic operational services such as business insurance
and accounting. In fact, the small business IT security spend in Canada is
estimated to grow to $500 million by 2012 from $271 million today.

“We know that data security, ease-of-use and business continuity at a
manageable cost are primary concerns for small business computer users. No
matter what happens, whether a laptop is lost, stolen, malfunctioning or
compromised, just one phone call gets our customers back to work,” said Larry
J. Keating, President and CEO, No Panic Computing Inc.. “Our extensive field
pilot proved that knowing their data encryption works and is professionally
managed, and their laptop can be replaced at any time with their data restored
is the peace-of-mind SMB professionals are looking for.”

Every NPC laptop also features technology that allows NPC to remotely
destroy laptop data in the event of theft or loss.
According to Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner
of Ontario, in her 2007 Annual Report “Information – especially personal
information – is a core commodity in our digital era. Growth and success in
the digital age depends, in part, on the extent to which the public trusts how
personal information is collected, used, disclosed and retained by the
organizations that hold it.” The report goes on to say “The IPC has long
advocated for the development and deployment of technologies that support
privacy aims while delivering on core business objectives.”

“Canadian small business owners without extensive IT support will benefit
from this simple, easy-to-use computer to protect their data and ensure
business continuity in the event of computer loss, data loss or corruption,”
said Derek Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Personal Systems Group,
HP Canada. “The combination of HP notebooks and NPC infrastructure gives small
business owners and operators what they need for a more secure mobility
experience, so they can concentrate on their business success.”

According to AMI-Partners research, although data security is a top
priority, Canadian small businesses have very low penetration and usage rates
of sophisticated security products. Seventy-four per cent of small businesses
surveyed do not yet encrypt their data.
“Keeping up with the constantly-changing landscape of security and
productivity challenges requires day-to-day management that is at the core of
NPC’s offering,” said Doug Cooper, Country Manager, Intel Canada. “NPC’s
unique approach to the market and product innovation features Intel Centrino
Pro technology. Built-in manageability and proactive security are key features
of Intel’s Centrino Pro technology making this an innovation milestone we are
excited to participate in.”

Within the almost one million small businesses in Canada, the AMI survey
results show the loss of data on a company notebook would have a considerable
impact on their business.

“Small businesses today recognize the importance of protecting their
business information, but until now have been challenged on how to do this
cost effectively and reliably,” said David Kubick, Vice President, World Wide
Channels and Alliances, Iron Mountain. “Now small businesses can protect their
data with Iron Mountain Digital’s market leading data protection solutions
integrated into NPC’s secure, easy to-use package.”

NPC customers receive an HP enterprise notebook pre-configured with
Microsoft Office 2007, ESET Anti-virus/Anti-spyware software, Claritude
Speedfiler, a carrying case and notebook accessories. Their notebook arrives
fully secure and backed up, and once they begin computing, all of their data
and programs are backed up daily to one of Iron Mountain’s secure data
facilities. In the event the notebook is stolen, broken, or its data
compromised, NPC can replace the notebook with all the data re-loaded to the
time of the last data backup. Customers can also securely access their data
from any web browser while their notebook is being replaced, or any time they
are away from their notebook. ESET’s enterprise-level internet security
offering is monitored from the NPC data centre for revision and system
integrity, ensuring the prevention of even zero-day attacks.