Over the
next few years, additional orders could exceed twenty five thousand VoIP
(Voice over Internet Protocol) Adapters, IP (Internet Protocol) Phones and
Glopex Softswitches (Named IP-3000 Carrier Model).

In addition to payment for this equipment, Glopex will be contracted as
an original design manufacturer to develop custom VoIP applications. Glopex’s
VoIP solutions fit a variety of carrier’s VoIP applications. Supporting a wide
spectrum of protocols, the solution is ideally suited for a wide array of
voice transaction applications.

Unlike most VoIP adapters in today’s market, Glopex Network has developed
VPN (Virtual Private Network) into all its VOIP adapters and phones to bypass
an internet service provider filter and are still able to maintain superior
voice quality. “These are the main reasons for Glopex’s success,” stated Paul
Chen, President and CEO of Nicer.

After testing the prototypes with the client, Glopex shipped the initial
VoIP Adapters and IP Phones last week; these products were immediately
deployed in St Vincent & the Grenadines started last week. Following the
successful deployment, Glopex’s client, is expected to order an additional
five thousand VoIP Adapters and IP Phones from Glopex in March 2007.