In an ongoing commitment to its developer community, BEA Systems, Inc. today announced that an enhanced version of the company’s developer site, BEA dev2dev, has gone live. The site features a new collaborative software development tool, dev2dev CodeShare, based on CollabNet Enterprise Edition, from CollabNet, Inc., one of the leading providers of on-demand collaborative software development solutions designed to help enable developers to discuss issues and share code, techniques, and best practices.  The site also features deep technical content from O’Reilly Media, Inc., one of the best-known names in technical publishing.  With BEA dev2dev, developers can now participate in an interactive, engaging portal that offers collaborative tools, newsgroups, best practices, technical content and many more features designed to help BEA developers collaborate and innovate.

“We recognize how important it is for developers to be able to collaborate and share best practices,” said Scott Regan, senior director of developer relations, BEA Systems. “With dev2dev’s CodeShare collaborative environment, as well as a central repository of content from O’Reilly, BEA dev2dev members working on everything from web apps to enterprise SOAs to J2EE projects can now tap the power of their fellow developers to help them reach their goals.”

dev2dev CodeShare: The Destination to Share Best Practices and Source Code

Based on CollabNet Enterprise Edition, dev2dev CodeShare includes tools for software development, knowledge management, communication management, and project administration for open source projects. CodeShare is offered as a bi-directional collaborative workspace providing an environment where participants can share source code and best practices. dev2dev CodeShare has projects that can be useful across BEA dev2dev, such as open source projects designed to help extend the capabilities of BEA products and technologies, tools and utilities to help developers and implementation consultants install, deploy, monitor, and administer BEA products and technologies, projects that can illustrate how BEA technologies are used to achieve system integration, and projects that can showcase the use of J2EE components and help illustrate best-practice design patterns and client development.

With CodeShare, each project is designed to include a Web-based project workspace with customizable Web pages which can help allow project owners to communicate with their team members; project announcements which can communicate milestones, articles, press releases and other information on a project; issue tracking systems for tracking different kinds of project-related activities; a source code control system, CollabNet SCM, a Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool designed to track changes to source code; a document and file sharing repository of intellectual property that has been designated as not likely to be modified; mailing lists to help facilitate communication among project participants; and threaded discussion forums designed to encourage community discussions.  The collaborative process is supported by the site’s community management services, designed to help leverage developer participation.

“We are excited to provide CollabNet Enterprise Edition as the infrastructure for CodeShare,” stated Brian Behlendorf, co-founder and CTO, CollabNet. “Companies like BEA are realizing market leadership is not just based on brilliant products, but also on building and nurturing a community of users and developers. Both purposes can be served by an environment where developers can interact with each other on common code samples.”

O’Reilly Content Helps to Meet the Needs of the Java Developer Community

Also unveiled today on the BEA dev2dev portal was expanded technical content from O’Reilly Media, Inc., which can be a key resource for the developer community. By providing expanded content, O’Reilly   aims to keep content current and relevant to the needs of BEA and its developer community.  Plans are under way to offer additional O’Reilly-managed content, such as talkbacks, wikis, and blogs designed to help create opportunities for developers to connect with each other, research answers to their questions and help locate collaborators for development projects.  

“Developers are hungry for good technical information and a place where they can learn from their peers,” said Dale Dougherty, O’Reilly EVP, Online Publishing.’  “O’Reilly is pleased to work with BEA to bring our editorial expertise and deep knowledge of developers to the dev2dev site.”

BEA dev2dev days Continue

Also of note:  BEA is hosting dev2dev days 2004, (see related press release, “BEA Announces Global Seminar Program Offering Education to Developers on Creating Service-Oriented Architectures ”, dated Aug. 30, 2004) a series of seminars designed to deliver expert knowledge about the latest standards and open source development technologies, as well as breakthroughs in service-oriented architecture.  More than 2,500 attendees have already attended BEA dev2dev days and thousands more are expected as the events continue in 23 different locations throughout North America, Asia and Europe.  For more information on BEA dev2dev days, please visit: