Next DLP, a leader in insider risk and data protection, recently announced XTND AI, an artificial intelligence powered assistant, that extends insider risk and data security analysts’ expertise, enabling every member of the security team to contribute to the business at a higher level. 

“Few metrics matter more than time to contain and time to respond when limiting the impact of a data exfiltration event,” said John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP. “XTND is all about helping analysts efficiently run investigations, and therefore, controlling the costs associated with running an effective insider risk program.”

John recently sat down with Julian Lee and they talked about data loss prevention and insider risk, emphasizing the importance of compliance with data protection regulations and the commercial imperative for DLP controls within supply chain contracts. The application of AI in insider risk programs was also discussed, focusing on how AI can support analysts in identifying and addressing high-risk activities, potential time savings, and opportunities for channel partners in providing managed services.

The conversation then shifted to the future of AI in cybersecurity, exploring the potential of addressing insider threats and the strategic approach required to navigate the competitive landscape.

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