The new site is
designed to be an easily navigable source of plain-language facts and advice
about insurance and financial services that Canadians can use.

“Recent research indicates that sixty-six per cent of Canadians find
insurance difficult to understand,” said Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of
The Co-operators. “The industry has to make an effort to present information
in a straight-forward and manageable way. And that was the primary goal of our
new website – to make jargon-free, useful information just a mouse click

The new site includes helpful information on many types of insurance
including home, auto, life, farm, commercial, travel, health, and group
benefits, as well as investments and loss prevention advice. A new section
features information organized around various life events such as buying a
home, having a baby, changing jobs, and loss of a loved one. The Insurance 101
section contains a series of educational articles that explain the basics of
insurance; it will grow as new consumer-oriented articles are published
regularly in the months and years ahead.

“From a technological standpoint, the site was built on a platform that
will allow us to introduce engaging new features in the years ahead,” said
Bardswick. “It’s really the foundation for bigger and better things to come.”
The site provides information about the group of companies’ community
support programs and the Canadian co-operative sector, of which The
Co-operators is an active member. A new testimonial section allows readers to
see what others are saying about The Co-operators.

To see the new website,
please visit