Netenrich is announcing the launch of an integrated threat and attack surface intelligence (ASI) solution to help enterprises reduce their attack surface and overcome any skills gaps, resulting in a more secure, time and cost-saving, business outcome.

Alert fatigue among IT and SecOps professionals is real, but no longer has to be the case. With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, security teams must be armed with the most comprehensive tools to prioritize the most critical threats that pose the greatest risk to their organizations.

With Netenrich’s offering, no longer will teams spend grueling hours/days identifying the latest threats and how to patch them. Instead, the integrated solution – which pairs (1) a free global news engine with insights drawn from trusted sources (vetted by Netenrich experts) and (2) an AI-driven ASI tool to monitor and scan – delivers actionable context on vulnerabilities for faster, more proactive responses to known and emerging cyber threats.

What’s unique? The solution pairs AI with a high-touch human add. Put simply, you cannot come to a resolution without one or the other, you need both to effectively streamline IT and SecOps to achieve utopian-like levels of cybersecurity knowledge, driving actionable and cost-effective results.

“Many MSPs are looking to build out their cybersecurity practices but they face the same challenges as enterprises, like trying to scale their infrastructure while having to spend countless cycles chasing alerts and staying up on the latest attacks,” said Justin Crotty, Vice President of Channels at Netenrich. “Any new intelligence that can help prevent customer issues and reduce Tier 2 analyst cycles is a huge advantage, especially now. Integrating threat and attack surface intelligence and combining that an established SOC-as-a-Service from one company can deliver exponentially faster resolutions while giving customers peace of mind.”

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