Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-native, distributed data accuracy solutions,  announced the next generation of its Complete Data Accuracy Platform. The new release delivers end-to-end, self-service data integration with built-in Master Data Management (MDM) to ensure the highest levels of data quality, accuracy and governance. New data integration and replication capabilities seamlessly connects and transforms all data sources for analytics-ready data on demand for business users and data scientists with no coding or IT resources required.

Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy platform enables non-technical business users to acquire the data they need without having to manually scrub, cleanse and normalize across transactional and multiple data sources. Self-Service, data integration with built-in master data management ensures that enterprises have a single version of the truth to leverage the power of their data for analytics and reporting immediately upon deployment. The result is an 80 percent reduction in cost and implementation that is five times faster than legacy solutions.

“Simply put, accurate data drives accurate decisions, but keeping massive amounts of specialized data clean and accurate across all systems is very challenging, time consuming and costly,” said Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego. “The Naveego platform makes it easy for organizations to integrate all their core business data without having to maintain and support custom integrations and data pipelines. Naveego’s self-service data integration with built-in MDM enables Day-One Analytics that empowers companies to innovate faster, continuously improve through real-time feedback and responses and make smarter business decisions to increase shareholder value.”

Naveego fully supports on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments and is partnered with Azure, AWS, Rancher, Google Cloud, Aunalytics and, most recently, Oracle. The solution is easy to install and adopt, and empowers businesses to start taking control of their data in just hours. For more information, call +1 231-346-4144, visit