Microsoft Corp. today introduced three new special-edition mice that allow consumers to personalize their desktop with original designs available for a limited time only. Leading the peripheral industry with award-winning product designs, Microsoft has made these latest colorful additions to its family of mice—called Groovy, Immersion and Night Vision—to infuse desktops with style, reflecting consumer trends of expressing personality through color.

In addition, Microsoft is inviting color-conscious consumers to vote for future special-edition finishes at

“People want their personal spaces to reflect their individual styles,” said Ken Fry, industrial design group director for Microsoft Hardware. “The days of boring beige are over. Our new special-edition mice illustrate our approach to providing consumers with the latest technical innovations combined with world-class design, offering products that give people an exciting new way to express their personality.”

Feelin’ Groovy

New Wireless Optical Mouse in Groovy recalls the positive vibes of the ‘60s, flaunting a dynamic style with a bright orange, pink and red patterned finish. Designed to express a bold and playful personality, Groovy isn’t resting on its looks alone. The product also delivers ambidextrous comfort and high-performance features, including Tilt Wheel Technology for smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling capabilities as well as enhanced Microsoft® Optical Technology for accurate tracking and longer battery life. With Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse in Groovy, consumers can turn on, log in and click with a radical new desktop style.

Getting Immersed or Going Digital

Wireless IntelliMouse® Explorer also comes in two new special-edition finishes, Immersion and Night Vision. Featuring a fluid graphic of blues and purples, Immersion expresses subtle style with creative depth, drawing inspiration from the cool hues of water rippling across the surface of a pool. With a green and black digitized pattern, Night Vision evokes a futuristic image reminiscent of sci-fi fantasy.

Combining original style with the ultimate performance features, these mice deliver a scroll wheel with Tilt Wheel Technology, enhanced wireless optical technology that delivers more than six months of battery life—three times more than competitor mice1—and five programmable buttons.

Colorizing and Personalizing

Microsoft is the first to broadly offer mice in such a wide variety of colors, textures and original graphic finishes, inspired by the explosion of color seen in today’s automotive, interior design and fashion trends.

“A color revolution is in full swing now, with people wanting to use different hues to enliven and personalize every aspect of their daily life,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Almost every consumer industry now offers more options than ever before, so that people can easily colorize their lives simply by painting a wall, adding a throw rug or using one of Microsoft’s colorful mice on their desktop.”

The Chance to Cast a Color Vote

As color and design trends continue to revolutionize the next wave of technology products, Microsoft is asking people around the world to pick up their mouse and vote for their favorite future special-edition mouse finish. To participate and to download full-screen special-edition wallpaper, consumers can visit

Pricing and Availability

The mice and keyboards introduced today will be available to consumers for a limited time only at the following estimated retail prices:2

*Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in Immersion: $54.95

*Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in Night Vision: $54.95

*Wireless Optical Mouse in Groovy: $44.95