Maxta Inc., a leading provider of hyperconvergence software, launched its MxIQ™ analytics-insight platform. MxIQ empowers customers with real-time visibility into their private cloud and multi-cloud environments to help eliminate issues before they occur and also gain valuable insights into key performance metrics.

Maxta MxIQ combines configuration metrics with visibility into capacity, performance, and system health trends across data centers and clouds to provide a granular overview of customers’ IT environments. MxIQ leverages metrics and trends across the entire Maxta customer base to recognize potential impacts on system health and availability to enable proactive technical support. Metadata is collected via pre-installed agents on customers’ servers and transmitted securely to the MxIQ cloud-based service where correlated issues are analyzed and resolved.

With MxIQ, customers and/or reseller partners gain insight into:

* Whether an SSD or hard drive was about to fail in advance of it happening

* Compatibility issues of newly-installed components based on other customers’ deployments

* Tailored recommendations to improve performance and optimize resources

* Whether performance issues are related to storage, compute or networking

* Capacity needs with alerts to add drives to servers

* Performance and capacity trends over the past month, year or more

With insight not only into their own system capacity, performance and health information but also learned from other Maxta customers, MxIQ gives customers an industry-leading ability to predict future trends so that CIOs and IT administrators can plan on how best to allocate their resources. Historical data trends for capacity and performance are available, as well as metadata concerning cluster configuration, licensing information, VM inventory and logs.

“As a reseller, MxIQ is advantageous to us on two fronts,” said Eliud Zarate, Chief Technology Officer of ARS Advisors. “First, MxIQ grants us as a Maxta reseller a view into all of our deployed customers, which we can leverage to increase insight into customers’ environments in order to provide support and keep the infrastructure up and running. And, second, it provides us with a way to better service our existing accounts by being a trusted advisor and making recommendations based on MxIQ’s automated reports with predictions and recommendations. Happy customers and increased sales without a lot of manual intervention is a godsend.”

MxIQ is an integrated component of Maxta Hyperconvergence software, which reduces capital and operating costs by up to 70 percent and frees IT from the refresh and upgrade cycles of traditional storage vendors and appliance-based hyperconvergence vendors. Moreover, Maxta offers customers the freedom and flexibility to choose or change server hardware and hypervisors so they can avoid vendor lock-in. Maxta supports every major server brand, multiple hypervisors, and containers using OpenShift Container Management Platform. In addition, with Maxta, it’s easy to run mixed workloads on the same cluster by natively optimizing application performance and resiliency policies in each cluster on a per application basis.

“Many of our customers were thrilled to see that it is now possible to know ahead of time what their next issue is expected to be and act accordingly to prevent it instead of reacting to problems as they occur,” said Yoram Novick, Maxta Founder and CEO. “With MxIQ, we are using information in a new way that allows us to predict future trends and probable outcomes to help customers plan more accurately and provide extended peace of mind. By leveraging cloud-based data analytics capabilities, we are able to improve storage in ways never before possible.”

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