Today Marcan, Inc. announced the addition of the Accent™ Disc Laminator to its line of quality CD and DVD systems. Accent laminates inkjet-printed CDs and DVDs for a glossy, professional finish that is highly resistant to water, scratching, smudging and UV light.

Two types of overlaminates are available, ClearCoat™ Overlaminate Film and AuthentiCoat™ Overlaminate Film. Accent’s ClearCoat overlaminate film protects discs with a clear laminate that is highly water and scratch resistant, and provides a brighter, more vibrant finish. AuthentiCoat overlaminate film provides the same environmental protection as ClearCoat, but also includes holographic images embedded in the film substrate that are transferred to the surface of the discs. Both standard and custom holographic patterns are available.

“We are excited to offer Accent,” stated Marcan General Manager Maryjane Fatigati. “Holographic images not only impart a unique, high-end decorative feature to the discs, they also confirm that the disc is an original or an authorized copy. This helps to prevent and discourage theft of content.”

An additional UV security feature is also available with either ClearCoat or AuthentiCoat films. It provides invisible text or graphics under the surface of the overlaminate film that is viewable only with black light. This feature can be used to covertly display words such as “Authentic” or “Authorized Content.”

“Color inkjet printing has many advantages over other disc-printing technologies, including the highest print resolutions, the brightest colors and the widest media choices,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “Now, with Accent, inkjet-printed CDs and DVDs can be water, scratch, UV light and smudge resistant, and also help to discourage the unauthorized reproduction of proprietary content.”