NBS is proud to announce the release of the 2.0 version of its popular D-FAST Software. The new release incorporates important, innovative functionality, including improved user management and the ability to segregate data access by workgroup/department. Several new wizards have also been introduced to allow more efficient data importing & exporting, and to facilitate integration with entity-wide ERP systems.

D-FAST is a premium software used to administer all types of Special Financing Districts (“SFD”). D-FAST is a powerful tool for local government agencies that provides for increased accuracy and efficiency in the administration of SFD’s. D-FAST is currently licensed to a number of agencies throughout the United States and used extensively by NBS on behalf of its public agency clients.

SFD’s are property-based revenue mechanisms used to finance services and infrastructure for local governments. Though the terminology varies by State, they are most commonly known as:
—Special assessment districts
—Local improvement districts (“LID”)
—Special tax districts
—Business improvement districts (“BID”)
—Maintenance or services districts