Xten Networks (www.xten.com) and Lindows.com (www.lindows.com), today announced the immediate availability of X-Lite Plus, an Xten softphone which is now native in the latest release of LindowsOS version 4.5 (www.lindows.com/lindowsos). Xten’s softphone provides LindowsOS users with free worldwide calling through the integration of Xten’s new X-Lite Plus SIP softphone software into the LindowsOS operating system.

“Integrating Xten’s softphone client into LindowsOS demonstrates that Linux is taking a leadership role in innovation in the operating system business,” said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows.com Inc. “By turning the common PC into a global calling tool and providing customers with free conferencing—an industry first—telecommunications have finally been democratized with LindowsOS and Xten.”

LindowsOS 4.5 is the first LindowsOS to enable free worldwide calling and Xten’s SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) softphone technology has made it possible. Combining SIPphone (www.sipphone.com) and Xten software (www.xten.com) allows worldwide phone calls to be made, at no cost, over broadband cables, turning common PCs into free global calling machines.

LindowsOS 4.5’s X-Lite Plus softphone combined with the SIPphone network gives every user a unique number from which to send and receive calls; it also includes sophisticated four-way conferencing abilities, as well as full 800 number access from any location worldwide. To make a call, users simply open the X-Lite Plus program on their computer, which has a virtual keypad similar to a telephone, and enter the SIP phone number of anyone with a SIPphone, Videophone, or SIP-enabled computer. LindowsOS will initiate the voice call—just like a traditional telephone, minus the high cost. To see SIP in action, visit www.lindows.com/sipaction.

“Xten is working with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world to deliver a soft IP phone experience that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our goal is to have an Xten softphone on every PC that is to be used to make phone calls, regardless of the operating system,” said Erik Lagerway, chief operating officer of Xten Networks Inc. “Lindows.com is a valuable partner and Xten is looking forward to working with Michael and his team on some exciting opportunities in 2004.”