Kyocera Corporation is pleased to announce the release in late August 2004 of the KYOCERA Finecam SL400R digital camera which is designed to match the colors of the “iPod mini” portable music player available from Apple Computer, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Apple”).

This new digital camera features a sophisticated design and advanced functionality, the result of collaborative efforts bringing together the world of digital music inspired by the “iPod mini” and the “take it with you wherever you go” style of photography that the Finecam SL series offers to users. This new product will be released onto the market to coincide with the release of the “iPod mini” in Japan

Apple’s “iPod” portable music player has created an all-new way of enjoying music, and its fashionable styling and advanced functions place it at the forefront of the digital music industry.

On another front, Kyocera’s Finecam series has provided users with an all-new way of using digital cameras, based on the concept that users should be able to take their digital camera with them wherever they go, and take rapid, consecutive photos so they can select the best shots later. Kyocera has always believed in the importance of style in the digital camera market and has consistenly offered uniquely designed models in a range of colors.

Now, Kyocera has come up with a new product, a digital camera with both a sophisticated design and advanced functions, to coincide with the release of the new “iPod mini” in Japan. Kyocera’s new camera reflects modern culture, where music and images play such an important role in daily life. In the future as well, Kyocera hopes to add new value for customers through design and functionality, and to continue to provide products that satisfy users.

*KYOCERA Finecam SL400R
As consumer needs in the digital camera market become increasingly diverse, people demand products that offer both originality and functions that fit perfectly with their lifestyle.

Kyocera has continued to produce innovative and appealing products that combine proprietary, cutting-edge technologies in optics and image processing. Kyocera’s Finecam SL400R digital camera in particular is proving extremely popular with users as a digital camera for capturing special moments. It features a thin, flat and stylish body and full-memory consecutive shooting*1 for capturing those unexpected moments.

*Product Release
Apple Computer’s (US) Vice-President of Marketing, Mr. Yoshiaki Sakitou, says about the release of the new product:
“Apple has continued to lead the digital music market by providing music solutions such as the ’iPod,’ while at the same time we have prided ourselves on being able to direct and guide the way in which users use digital technology in their lives in general. We are very pleased about the release of Kyocera’s new digital camera, as we feel that it is yet another example of how Apple’s vision for a digital lifestyle has permeated various aspects of our lives.”