Kinetic Data, Inc. today
announced its new Kinetic Survey software solution.

Kinetic Survey, a first-of-its kind solution, enables users to:
Create the survey questions, the look and the rules, in minutes
Control the data where and when it’s needed
Respond to customers immediately
Integrate easily into any Remedy-based application.

Kinetic Data President, John Sundberg, said, “Kinetic Survey captures customer
knowledge through immediate surveys as part of the regular business process. This
gives managers real-time knowledge and the ability to respond right away. For example,
they can launch new customer service, sales or marketing programs within hours. The
manager has direct control over outcomes, as well as over the top and bottom line
effects on the business.”

Lets managers take control of the survey process
The success of any business ultimately hinges on gaining an intimate and immediate
understanding of the customer, and their decision-making drivers, Sundberg said. Kinetic
Survey has been designed to provide survey control to those that use the data.
Managers can create the survey, customize the look, define the rules in minutes, and
generate precise data when and where it’s needed.

Customer support departments or IT help desks can automatically trigger surveys on the
spot, as part of their existing call completion process. Surveys arrive when the call is
fresh in the customer’s mind, avoiding batching and delays on “hot” matters. On
subsequent customer calls, the data is at the user’s fingertips enabling them to provide
truly customer-centric service.
Built-in flexibility enables myriad survey varieties
Kinetic Survey offers unlimited flexibility to enhance Remedy data by allowing users to
generate surveys from external sources. For example, data quality surveys can be sent
out to contact lists in order to update various kinds of customer information. Software
configuration surveys make it easy to determine if customers’ software is current. At a
later date, when a surveyed customer calls with an issue, help is literally at hand in the
form of timely configuration information.

Marketing departments can conduct cost-effective market research using Kinetic Survey.
Event organizers can handle registration with this flexible tool. If a user can imagine a
survey, he or she can create and administer it using Kinetic Survey. And surveys can be
conducted via e-mail, Web-based formats, hard copy through the mail and over the
phone through a VoiceXML plugin.

Flexibility encompasses answers, scoring and notification as well. Managers can utilize
various answer types including numeric ranges, customized lists and free text. The
flexible scoring engine takes into account weighting of answers and ignored questions.
Notifications are tailored to responses.

Service professionals and marketers know that serving and surveying a customer in
their native language creates comfort with the service provider. Kinetic Survey offers
the capability of creating surveys in virtually any language and character set. For multi-
language campaigns, survey cloning allows reporting across languages.