Companies looking to trim their Web conferencing costs are rapidly replacing more expensive, per-minute, per-user services with subscription-based Citrix® GoToMeeting™ Corporate, reports Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. The flat-fee, “All You Can Meet” pricing of GoToMeeting Corporate allows unlimited meetings of unlimited length. Employees can meet, collaborate on documents, and give presentations online more often without incurring incremental charges.

Each GoToMeeting Corporate license gives an organizer the ability to host an unrestricted number of meetings with up to 25 attendees per meeting. This distinctive licensing is an industry first according to Brian Donahoo, senior vice president of products and services at Citrix Online. “Our unique approach to licensing encourages frequent online meetings,” he says. “Employees no longer need to wonder whether they should hold an online meeting since the cost remains the same regardless of the number of meetings.”

The flat-fee pricing of GoToMeeting Corporate eliminates the possibility of unpredictable overage charges or expensive per-minute fees typically associated with other online meeting products. As a result, companies such as First Data Systems, Inc. realize lower online meeting costs immediately after switching to GoToMeeting Corporate. “Our salespeople were previously using a per-minute meeting product for software demonstrations, and in no time at all the meetings would consume a lot of money,” says director of support services Michael Steelman. “With GoToMeeting Corporate, we no longer need to wonder how much an online meeting is costing us.”

With GoToMeeting Corporate, employees can meet, present, and demonstrate as often as they like, and companies receive a predictable invoice. Because GoToMeeting Corporate can be used more frequently by more employees, productivity is increased, thus maximizing a company’s online meeting investment.

Now, salespeople at First Data Systems are no longer discouraged from using their online meeting product, and are performing more online demonstrations with prospects daily. “The “All You Can Meet” pricing has a lot of advantages for us,” says Steelman. “Not only are we now meeting more and saving money, but I know exactly what our online meetings are going to cost throughout the year.”

Introduced this spring, GoToMeeting is available in two versions: GoToMeeting is for individuals and very small businesses that require a single-user account and up to 10 meeting attendees; and GoToMeeting Corporate is for use by larger businesses that require a minimum of five-user accounts and a maximum of 25 attendees per meeting. GoToMeeting Corporate also features administrative reporting tools.

With end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption, Citrix GoToMeeting is the most secure online meeting service on the market. Only authorized internal or external parties participating in the meetings can view information and sensitive data. GoToMeeting is compatible with existing network infrastructures and firewalls and unlike many current offerings, there is no additional charge for security.

For more information about GoToMeeting Corporate, visit or call (800) 549-8541.