Kinetic Data, Inc. today
announced the release of Kinetic Survey (TM)2.5.

Kinetic Survey 2.5 is the next generation of 10-month-old Kinetic Survey software and it
enables managers of customer service, help desk, marketing, sales and other
departments to easily create customized surveys, without professional IT support.

Kinetic Survey 2.5 offers users the following new features:

Advanced reporting console
More flexibility for analyzing data
Additional reports including cross tabs and scoring
Report thumbnails for easier report selection
Ability to save report criteria for re-use

Dynamic notification based on respondent answers
Create configurable “thank you” notifications to respondents
Dynamically assign groups or users to completed surveys

Intuitive usability enhancements
Hide question numbers with a single check box
One click web logging for administrators
Data organizing for easier navigation of large lists of customer surveys

“Kinetic Survey 2.5 reflects our corporate mission, which is being as receptive and
responsive as possible to the needs and ideas of our customers,” John Sundberg,
president of Kinetic Data said. “Almost all of the updates in version 2.5 were based on
customer input and in anticipation of their future requirements. We are very pleased
with the advanced features that Kinetic Survey 2.5 offers users.”

Kinetic Survey takes surveys from concept to reality instantly and inexpensively
Kinetic Survey is designed to provide advanced surveying capabilities for users of
Remedy Action Request System(R) (AR System). The AR System is BMC Software’s
Service Process Management (SPM) solution that provides a single, consolidated
platform for automating and managing service management business processes. It is
also the application platform for Remedy Enterprise Solutions, Remedy Customer
Service and Support solutions, and custom-built applications.

Kinetic Survey provides maximum surveying flexibility with minimal IT support. The
software is designed to put sophisticated surveying capabilities in the hands of non-IT
call center, help desk, marketing, sales and other department managers.

Kinetic Survey enables users to create survey questions in virtually any language or
character set, define survey parameters, and design the look of the survey in minutes —
often in response to an immediate need or when issues are current.

Overall flexibility also encompasses answers, scoring and notification. For example,
managers can choose various answer types including numeric ranges, customized lists
and free text. And surveys can be conducted through email, the Web, phone or regular
mail based on the situation.

Survey data is controlled by the user and can be instantly accessed where and when it is
needed. With full Remedy integration, data generated through Kinetic Survey can be
pulled up across multiple departments or on subsequent customer interactions, keeping
users close to the customer.

Current Kinetic Survey users employ Kinetic Survey to monitor customer satisfaction
levels, obtain data quality and software configuration information, handle event
registration, generate quality sales leads, jumpstart product or service promotions,
assist in training, and more.