1. It Will Be Completely Redesigned

2. It Will Include New Technology

The iPhone 5 is said to include NFC technology, allowing your phone to act as a digital wallet so you can make payments with a swipe of your handset.

3. It Will (Eventually) Be Available on More Carriers

4. It May Come in More Colors

The white iPhone 4 is set to make a comeback this Spring, so it’s likely that the iPhone 5 will also come with the lighter color option.

5. It May Launch on June 23

While no official launch date has been announced, new evidence leads me to believe that the iPhone 5 will launch on June 23.

6. It Will Come With an Upgraded Camera

Sony CEO Howard Stringer let the news slip that his company will be supplying the image sensors for the iPhone 5, suggesting a more powerful and upgraded (possibly 8MP) camera will be stocked inside.