Canadians who consider themselves tech savvy are
twice as likely to view, save or share 500 or more digital photos a month,
download music, play video games online and post their own videos, according
to a recent Harris/Decima poll commissioned by Intel of Canada.

The online poll, conducted amongst 503 residents from the cities of
Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal between October 26 and November 6,
revealed that 10 percent of Canadians surveyed described themselves as tech
savvy, i.e., the experts the rest of the country turns to for advice on what
new technologies to buy and how to use them.

Those polled who own notebook personal computers and/or video camcorders
consider themselves to be more tech savvy than those who own desktop PCs
and/or digital still cameras do.

“More and more Canadians are coming to realize that you do not have to
sacrifice mobility to fully enjoy today’s digital entertainment offerings. The
fun associated with downloading songs or playing video games can be maximized
with today’s high-performance, battery-friendly Intel Core(TM) 2 DUO mobile
processor – technology that has eliminated any compromise when it comes to
fast and realistic online gaming, creating and sharing videos with friends and
having fun with highly-interactive slide shows,” said Doug Cooper, Country
Manager, Intel of Canada. “A recent industry study indicated that notebook PC
sales in Canada next year are expected to increase 15 percent while it is
anticipated that desktop PC sales domestically will decline by 8 percent.
Faster, more feature-rich mobile processors are clearly driving this growing
trend towards notebook PCs as the technological foundation for digital

While most Canadians own a desktop PC, many are upgrading to notebook
PCs, according to recent industry research findings. The Intel poll revealed
that 88 percent of respondents currently own a desktop PC, while 55 percent
own a notebook PC. Eight-four percent of those polled own a digital still
camera, while just 22 percent own a digital video camcorder.