The latest title in the best-selling
Cabela’s franchise provides players with a hunt or be hunted
experience, where they stalk or get stalked by prey through detailed
surroundings enveloped by such natural boundaries as canyons,
mountains, dense forest and lakes. The game features changing seasons
and realistic weather conditions which deliver an added adrenaline
rush of excitement as players encounter more than 27 big game animals
in 12 exotic locations around the world with the reality of dangerous
encounters. Cabela’s(R) Dangerous Hunts is currently available at
retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is
rated “T” by the ESRB.

“Cabela’s(R) Dangerous Hunts presents players with a series of
hunting challenges that emphasize their skills which improve based on
their performance in the game,” said Patrick Kelly, Vice President of
Studios, Activision Value Publishing, distributor of the titles. “For
the first time ever, this is a hunting game where the hunter can
easily become the hunted.”

Cabela’s(R) Dangerous Hunts challenges players’ hunting abilities
with a selection of playable modes either through a first-person view
that features different animals, scenery, and challenges. Career Hunt
mode, the primary game mode, progresses over time through two types of
game play — challenges and charters. The hunt begins during the fall
and upon successful completion of the sequence, the season progresses
to winter where the player will be dealt a new list of challenges and
charters to select from. Seasons continue to change each time a hunt
is completed. A diverse array of hunting challenges present themselves
to players, but they may also face unique challenges derived from
previous hunting encounters. A unique player-hunter character will be
created through each progression of challenges and charters. Each
player’s experience will differ from hunt to hunt.

Additionally, gamers may select from two other hunting modes.
Quick Hunt mode allows players to fashion a hunt to their
specifications. In this mode, they single out an animal to hunt,
decide which region and season to hunt in, select the gear they intend
to use and immediately embark on the hunt. In Action Zone mode,
players face 12 levels of non-stop dangerous animal action while they
navigate through the waypoints on each map.

The hunter profiles in Cabela’s(R) Dangerous Hunts are character
specific with evolving skill attributes including aim, stealth,
strength, tracking and endurance. Gameplay success and failure
throughout the hunts determine the evolution of the player-hunter’s
skill and attributes as well as the availability of new hunts over

To help perfect the player’s aiming with both stationary and
moving targets, the game features a target practice range.
Additionally, a hunting guide and maps provide detailed information
about specific hunting regions and individual game animals.

In order to hunt large and often unpredictable big game animals,
players must purchase equipment with money earned by taking big
trophies. Players acquire a wide selection of equipment, which include
firearms, clothing, tents, and scents. In the event of a dangerous
encounter with an aggressive animal, players have the ability to
defend themselves by quickly drawing a personal firearm or knife.