The past year has shown us that simply having access to the latest technologies is no longer enough to promise business success. While the technical solutions are often the fuel behind business transformations, the minds and expertise guiding the maximum value of that tech are ultimately what will make the most difference when it comes to improving companies’ bottom lines.

Not every local retailer or dentist’s office can afford to onboard their own CIO to be that forward-thinking mind behind ongoing digital transformation initiatives. Unfortunately, without anticipating customer needs, these smaller businesses are always going to be behind the curve. This presents a tremendous opportunity for MSPs to further their Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) offering to free up SMBs from digital transformation concerns and allow them to focus on the business.

Industry leader Gary Pica, president and founder of TruMethods,  discusses why the MSPs that will thrive this year and beyond are those that bring strategic vCIO value by anticipating their clients’ needs before they occur, and provide advice for how MSP’s can maximize their vCIO offering as we head into 2022.

TruMethods is a business transformation organization launched in 2009. Gary started TruMethods with the purpose of sharing a proven framework to help MSPs achieve more recurring revenue sales and industry leading profitability. TruMethods combines training, community, software, and peer to help MSPs reach world-class results.

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