The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted business operations on a global level– no matter the size of the company or service/product delivered, all companies have had to adapt and, ultimately change the way they work.

One country that adapted faster than others was Canada, which many attributed to their adoption of cloud-based technology and infrastructure. According to Gartner research, Canadian companies have incorporated cloud into their business models faster than every other country besides the U.S.

One of the companies helping in this transition is Laserfiche.

Laserfiche is the leading global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation. The Laserfiche platform enables organizations in more than 80 countries to transform into digital businesses. Customers in every industry—including government, education, financial services and manufacturing—use Laserfiche to boost productivity, scale their business and deliver digital-first customer experiences.

Listen to the interview to learn how Laserfiche has helped companies to digitize their processes.  They will also discuss:

  • How they have seen their Great White North clients leverage the cloud in the past 7 months
  • Why Canada has become an unexpected global leader in the cloud
  • How Canadian businesses and governments have successfully implemented their new IT strategies

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