HandySoft Global Corporation today formally announced a new product module that extends HandySoft’s award-winning BizFlow BPM Platform, enabling customers to capitalize on process excellence practices beyond the enterprise, throughout the entire value chain. This new module, “BizFlow Integration Studio,” offers HandySoft’s clients end-to-end system-level transaction modeling and management, leveraging service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and process exchange standards to facilitate multi-step, multi-system business-to-business integration. BizFlow Integration Studio enables clients to improve operations by removing legacy system integration barriers and streamlining business partner interactions using tools designed for rapid delivery of maintainable integration solutions. BizFlow Integration Studio (BIS) is based on Cubic Thinks Integration Workbench, stemming from HandySoft’s recent acquisition of Cubic Thinks integration engine company.

“The BPM market has reached the next phase, where deeper B2B integration and stronger SOA support have become critically important as organizations extend their business process initiatives to include more business partners and legacy systems,” said David Kelly, president of Upside Research, Inc. “Successful BPM products must be able to support multi-system transactions across systems and people as well as manage the multiple types of partners involved in a B2B process.”

BIS comes with a host of new features and capabilities aimed at developing, deploying, managing, and monitoring system-level process flows, with special features for seamlessly integrating these multi-step, multi- system transactions into an overall business process involving people. Features such as checkpoints, rollback, exception handling and monitoring ensure that system level processes execute as planned or roll-back appropriately to a previously stable state. Additionally, BIS includes partner profile management features designed to extend process excellence practices beyond corporate boundaries through business-to-business process integration.

In its Integration Landscape 2005 report, published December 2004, Forrester Research writes: “BPM is most likely to figure as [an integration] usage scenario when your primary objective is to improve a business process. For example, many consumer-lending companies are striving to dramatically cut the duration of the loan application cycle, which requires automating more of the steps in the process, and knitting them together with BPM. Had such a project been done two to three years ago, it would have been done with the last generation of technology; today it is highly likely to be done with SOA.”

BizFlow Integration Studio will enable organizations to leverage BizFlow as a common Services Oriented Architecture facilitating secure business-to- business process interoperability across the value chain. The BizFlow Integration Studio includes the BizFlow Integration Server, which out- performed leading integration engines from Microsoft and Oracle in a variety of testing scenarios, and the BizFlow Integration WorkBench, a graphical working environment containing:

* Point and click service orchestration with flow logic, exception
handling, commit and rollback, and monitoring features for multi-step,
multi-system transaction development and control

* Service library and development tools, enabling organizations to
achieve faster time to market and leverage reusability to control
future project costs

* Graphical data maps, which eliminate extensive coding of data
transformation logic, reducing project costs and development time

* B2Bi adapters and partner profile management features, providing
standards-driven, secure process interoperability across the value

“HandySoft has been the long time leader in Business Process Management, delivering powerful and flexible process management capabilities with an emphasis on ease of use. We wanted to bring our unmatched strengths in human- to-human workflow and extend our system integration and transaction management,” said Stuart Claggett, COO at HandySoft. “Cubic Thinks’ proven transaction throughput, combined with visual mapping and a point-and-click approach to integration and transaction management, allows us to deliver these new capabilities while retaining the ease of use our customers have come to expect.”

BIS will be generally available in Spring 2005.