GWAVA today announces the release of Reveal. Reveal is an Executive level solution for GroupWise monitoring, auditing and email policy review. Reveal is a simple desktop application that provides Executives essential auditing and oversight capabilities.

“GWAVA is excited to offer Reveal to Executives at all levels,” states Charles Taite, CTO of GWAVA. “Reveal allows senior level management the ability to inspect and investigate their employee’s email with complete confidentiality.”

Reveal provides instant email auditing and oversight capabilities for Legal, Human Resource and Security Executives. It allows authorized Executives to review the contents of any employee’s mailbox, search for messages based on key words or content and retrieve these messages from GroupWise while maintaining the security of the system. Reveal provides the ability to maintain oversight to all email communications within Novell GroupWise. It monitors and scans all email. This provides protection from information leaks, misuse of company email, and legal liability. Reveal ensures that Executives are able to accurately evaluate email activity so they can properly enforce policy and procedure. These capabilities help companies:

* Reduce Liability
* Meet Legal Obligations
* Protect Intellectual Property

Download a 30-day free trial of Reveal at