Gateway today introduced two back office products combining leading-edge performance with low price points meeting market demands for increased server availability and connectivity. The Gateway 9415 Server is the first to offer RAID 5 capabilities with redundant power in 1U rack-mount formation at an industry- low entry price point of $1,199. The Gateway 840 Serial ATA SAN brings Fibre Channel connectivity and scales up to 4.8TB(1) in a 2U chassis beginning at $4,449.

The new Gateway products are designed with broad appeal for organizations requiring highly-reliable, scaleable solutions designed to grow with them.

“As data centers continue to run mission critical applications the demand for highly available, performance oriented and reliable servers have become a necessity,” said Tim Diefenthaler, senior director of server product marketing at Gateway. “The Gateway 9415 Server is the first server in the category to specifically address these challenges with a cost effective solution offering RAID 5 capabilities, redundant power and support for Intel’s latest Xeon EM64T processors in a 1U rack-mount design.”

Gateway 9415 Series Server

Gateway’s latest 9415 server is a powerful performance-oriented computing platform offering high availability coupled with high capacity in a 1U rack-mount form factor. Designed for data intensive tasks, the unit is ideal for applications such as a database or Web server and can scale to ERP and CRM applications. The 9415 supports the latest 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processors with an 800MHz front-side bus and the availability of 1MB or 2MB L2 cache. Additionally the 9415 offers three hot-swap SCSI drive bays enabling RAID 5 functionality, combined with a slim-line optical drive and up to 900GB(1) of storage, which is unprecedented among servers in its class. The 9415 also uses PCI Express and DDR2 memory to offer increased I/O performance.

For increased reliability and decreased downtime, the 9415 server is available with optional dual-redundant, hot-swap power supplies and hard drives.

The 9415 also provides complete operating system flexibility supporting Microsoft’s full suite of operating systems, as well as certification for Novell’s Netware 6.5, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0 and 3.0 EM64T, and SuSe Linux Enterprise 9.0 and 9.0 EM64T. The server comes complete with the Gateway System Manager (GSM). The GSM is a real-time monitoring tool that gives IT managers peace-of-mind with its ongoing systems checks that catch and alleviate any problems, thereby decreasing network interruptions. The Gateway 9415 Series undercuts competitive products coming complete with a server rack and priced starting at only $1,199.

Key features include:

  • Rack-optimized 1U design
    * Supports dual 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processors with 800MHz FSB,
    1MB or 2MB L2 cache and EM64T
    * Supports up to 8GB(1) ECC registered DDR2
    * 6 memory sockets
    * Supports 2GB(1) DDR2 memory DIMMs
    * Memory scub engine, sparing, x4 SDDC
    * Dual integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet
    * Integrated dual-channel ultra 320 SCSI
    * Embedded RAID 0, 1
    * Two expansion slots:
    * Low profile PCI-X
    * Full height PCIe or Full Height PCI-X
    * Three hot-swap drive bays:
    * Supports up to 3 SCSI hard drives
    * Up to 900GB(1) of internal storage
    * Tool-less cooling fans
    * Six dual-impeller fans standard
    * Optional hot-swap, redundant, load-sharing power subsystem
    * System includes a standard 520W PS module, full redundancy requires
    a second 520W module for improved reliability and reduced downtime

    Gateway 840 Serial ATA SAN

    Gateway has broadened its storage offerings by adding a Fibre Channel RAID host connection option to the Gateway 840 Serial ATA SAN. The 840 integrates a low-cost entry point with enhanced networking and storage capabilities that does not sacrifice performance, reliability or flexibility. Designed as a 2U modular enclosure, the 840 provides host connectivity via Fibre Channel or SCSI RAID modules and supports SATA hard drives totaling 4.8TB(1) of storage. Network management is simplified using the 840’s easy-to-use Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that also enables IT professionals to remotely manage the entire network. Ensuring reliability, the 840 offers hot-swap and redundant hard drives and cooling fans as well as optional hot-swap power supplies. The Gateway 840 Serial ATA SAN, complete with a server rack, is priced starting at $4,449 for 750GB(1) capacity.

    Key features include:

    * Rack optimized 2U design
    * Drives/Capacity:
    * 12 Independent SATA Channels
    * Up to 12, 250GB or 12, 400GB(1) SATA hard drives (Hot Swap)
    * Ability to daisy-chain up to three additional 840 SCSI enclosures
    (48 Drives total, with 19.2TB(1) of storage)
    * Ultra320 SCSI or Fibre Channel with a 2GB(1) host interface
    * Fibre Channel RAID module option offers dual 1Gb or 2Gb-FC ports
    per controller, 512K cache per controller and integrated battery
    backup for mirrored write cache data protection
    * Ultra320 SCSI RAID module has four ports. Two for host
    connectivity and two for expansion, 256K cache per controller and
    integrated battery backup for mirrored write cache data protection
    * High-Availability
    * Integrated RAID controller with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50 support
    * SAF-TE version 1.0 compliant for enclosure monitoring in band or
    * Visual and audible fault notification on the front panel or third
    party software
    * Upgrade to fault-tolerant protection with Windows or Linux RAID 1
    mirroring from the host operating system level
    * Network management:
    * Easy-to-use in-band or out-of-band management GUI
    * Web-based, OS independent management GUI
    * Hot swap and redundant hard drives and cooling fans
    * Optional redundant, hot-swap 350-watt power supplies

    “The Gateway 840 Serial ATA SAN continues our focus on bringing salient solutions to customers with new enhancements including Fibre Channel RAID host connectivity enabling a low-cost, high capacity SAN solution,” said Diefenthaler.