The fi-7300NX is a unique product.  It is a flexible, distributed capture appliance.  It is like a “Swiss Army” knife of scanners. You can connect to it in many ways – USB, Ethernet and Wifi.  It can be used as a dedicated desktop scanner or have it anywhere on the network for the entire office to use. Up to 1,000 of these scanning appliances can be on a network.  It also features a PC-less software with image cleanup capabilities as well as management and authentication capabilities.

VARs and MSPs can build their own solution and IP around this device and benefit from huge discounts allowing them to make even higher margins. Actually several solution providers have already developed customized applications that work with the fi-7300NX. An opportunity for any channel partners to explore a partnership to resell specialized solutions out of the gate!

Every business wants to digitize paper and its flow. It is a big part of the digital transformation mission. That said, it is not easy to achieve this “paperless” environment. One good example is what happens when paper is destroyed before it is properly captured on digital format and secured and properly induced for future easy retrieval? This solution helps to solve this problem with automatic storage in the Cloud.

Every channel partner should have a digital document management solution as part of their portfolio. With the right strategy and solution, you can bake-in many other services to generate more recurring revenue. The actual device is simply one small, but important component of the solution. The amount of “downstream” revenue that you make beyond the margin of the device can be many times over!

For more information, please email or connect with the Fujitsu channel team. You may also register for an upcoming webinar on the product on March 13th at 1:30pm EST: