QuickUML MacOSX is a Universal Binary application optimized for both PPC and Intel based Mac OS X computers. QuickUML Windows support all computers from Windows 98 through Vista. Version 3.0 adds new diagram presentation features, code generators, integrated help system, printed and PDF manual. QuickUML adds a Windows Vista friendly installer and runs in a Standard user account.

QuickUML supports commonly used features of the Unified Modeling Language:

* Use Case Descriptions Linked to Models, Code and Foreign Documents
* Class and Package Diagrams with Rich Presentation Options
* Sequence Diagrams to Model Object Interactions
* Diagram Navigation, Printing, Leveling, Validation and Image File Export
* Dictionary with Design Namespaces, Stereotypes, Text Import and Export
* One-Click Code Generation for C++, Java, Delphi, Objective-C or PHP
* Code Editor with File Management Linked to Models, Dictionary and Use Cases
* Class Models from Code with MacTranslator or WinTranslator Tools

QuickUML 3.0 adds new PHP code generation plus enhanced customization of code generated for other programming languages. New presentation features allow attributes, operations, properties and events to be defined for each class and presented on diagrams with customized color, access, data type and visibility options.

An entire project is presented as one multi-panel window. It is saved as a single, platform neutral XML formatted text file. QuickUML instantly synchronizes editing changes across all models. The intuitive interface and streamlined design process makes QuickUML easy to learn and ideal for Agile methods.

QuickUML Windows and QuickUML MacOSX are each priced at $295 for a Single User License. Projects can be edited and shared across platforms. Each product is available in a 5-User Site License or Unlimited Site License.

The QuickUML package includes software on CD, printed and PDF manual, example projects, step-by-step UML tutorial plus an integrated help system. Visit the company web site for product information, free trial edition and secure online ordering.