ATI Technologies Inc. today delivers home theater
quality TV to your PC with the TV WONDER(TM) ELITE. This new TV capture
card incorporates the same advanced video processing technology that ATI
developed for high-end televisions – almost all the major TV manufacturers
are using ATI’s digital television (DTV) technology. As a result, TV WONDER
ELITE delivers high-end TV image quality to PCs, offering exceptional
visual results previously seen only in home theater settings.

ATI is bundling the new and improved REMOTE WONDER(TM) PLUS for full
wireless application control. TV WONDER ELITE will be available this winter
from major computer retailers and with a manufacturer’s suggested
retail price (MSRP) of US $149.00.

“ATI’s Multimedia division is delivering a new era of digital entertainment
capabilities for the personal computer,” said Paul Lypaczewski,
Vice-President & General Manager, Multimedia Business Unit, ATI
Technologies Inc. “ATI’s leadership in both DTV and graphics technologies
has led to a unique PC TV video breakthrough for Microsoft Windows XP and
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center solutions for both ATI’s customers and
end consumers. TV on the PC will never be the seen the same way again.”

TV WONDER ELITE is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) as
proof of its high quality image presentation. ISF is a key component for
the Display Standards industry, and is dedicated to improving the quality
of electronic imaging. With an approved ISF logo, TV WONDER ELITE customers
can be assured of having the best image quality.

TV WONDER ELITE powers a variety of complete software solutions and offers
full personal video recorder (PVR) capabilities allowing users to watch,
record and pause live television with ease.

TV WONDER ELITE also offers the following unique features:

– ATI THEATER(TM) 550 PRO video processor – Delivers sharper images, truer
colors, and more symphonic sound than any other PC-based TV solution.
12-bit analog-to-digital conversion optimizes analog video reception from
TV channels or external video sources. Advanced motion-adaptive 3D comb
filter delivers true color and fine picture detail from cable and antenna
TV broadcasts, VCRs, and other video sources.

– Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder – Performs artifact-free MPEG2 encoding in real
time enabling more video content to be recorded to a single DVD-R/DVD-RW
disk or hard drive while achieving home theater quality.

– Fully digital audio – Simplified installation and setup with the highest
audio fidelity and without sound card connections.

– REMOTE WONDER(TM) PLUS – New and improved radio frequency (RF) wireless
remote control allows easy access to record and watch TV broadcasts. Also
offers complete control over any computer application.