Based on RFWaves’ patented RFW102 radio
transceiver chipset and a micro controller unit (MCU) designed by
ETOMS, the reference design supports the simultaneous operation of up
to 8 game controllers with a latency of less than 10 microseconds
(msecs) at ranges up to 10 meters.

“This wireless game pad controller is a winning solution, both in
cost and performance, for the wireless gaming market,” said Albert
Jue, director of marketing and sales for ETOMS.

J. G. Huang, CEO of ETOMS added, “By teaming together, ETOMS and
RFWaves deliver the complete wireless game pad solution that best
meets the time-to-market demands of the gaming market.”

“This game controller from ETOMS, based on RFWaves’ 2.4GHz digital
radio, is the first product in the market to deliver to gamers the
freedom and convenience of wireless with a ‘wire-like’ response time
that contributes to a better user experience,” said Barry Volinskey,
vice president of business development, RFWaves. “This new breed of
game controllers overcomes all of the drawbacks of the old generation
900MHz solutions. It offers high performance and long play time made
possible through our energy efficient chipset, will take wireless
controllers into the main-stream of the gaming market.”

Featuring RFWaves’ state-of-the art wireless chipset technology,
several leading brands and OEMs have already adopted this reference
design for game controllers to be sold during this year’s Christmas
shopping season.

Further information on the reference design is available from
ETOMS and RFWaves.