Epson Canada Ltd. has once again
strengthened its line of Value Seriesportable multimedia projectors
with the launch of the EPSON PowerLite 81p and PowerLite 61p. Both
projectors feature increased connectivity, enhanced audio capabilities,
user-friendly setup and brightness rated up to 2,000 ANSI lumens. The
PowerLite 81p features XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution and is priced at
$2,199.99; while the PowerLite 61p offers SVGA (800 x 600) native reso
lution for $2,499.99 (both are estimated street prices).

By incorporating four video input connections including two individual
computer inputs, these two projectors enable users to plug into, and
easily switch between a wider selection of source devices such as PCs,
video players and audio. Additionally, a new Auto Source Selection
feature allows presenters to get their content up and running quicker and
easier, alleviating stresses common ly associated with setup time. This
is further simplified with the inclusion of colour-coded cables and a
verification tone that sounds whenever the “power on” and “power
off” button has been selected.

Both projectors also feature five-watt speakers and four audio inputs, an
ideal solution for teachers and presenters who occasionally need to
incorporate audio content from DVDs or video cassettes, and also need a
way to project audio throughout a room. Conversely, the projectors’ low
fan noise (as low as 30db) contributes to a quieter, less distracting
presenting environment.

The PowerLite 81p and 61p include six built-in display modes for various
environments including Epson’s unique Blackboard mode. Designed for
classroom settings, Blackboard mode gives the projector the ability to
detect the colour of a display surface such as a chalkboard or painted
wall and adjust its output to optimize accurate colour reproduction,
contributing to increased comprehension and retention.

“In recent years, the “value” category of projectors throughout the
industry was driven solely by one factor ” price”, which resulted in some
products that offered extremely limited performance without many special
features,” said Don Cameron, marketing and communications manager, Epson
Canada Ltd. “Today things have changed dramatically and proje ctors
such as the EPSON PowerLite 81p and 61p not only offer competitive prices,
but also include several key features that are the direct result of
feedback we’ve collected from customers and dealers.”

Availability and Warranty

The EPSON PowerLite 81p and 61p will be available through authorized pro
audio/visual, national distribution, catalog and direct PC dealers and
select PC retailers throughout the country beginning June 2004.

Epson’s PowerLite projectors come with a two-year limited warranty that
includes three elite technical support services two-year Epson
PrivateLine, two-year Road Service Program and two-year International
Warranty. Through the PrivateLine, projector owners can directly access
an expedited support telephone line (typically in about one minute) by
using a phone card that is included with the product.