Dell today introduced two new powerful database servers, systems management software and data center assessment services that bring outstanding performance, value and manageability to customers’ data center environments.

Four-Processor Servers with Higher Performance and Value

The Dell PowerEdgeTM  6800 and PowerEdge 6850 feature the new 64-bit Intel® XeonTM  processors MP (multi processor) and are the ideal platform for database environments, server consolidation and virtualization, and migration from costly RISC-based systems. Like other Dell 8th-generation servers, the PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850 offer the latest core technologies, including DDR2-400 ECC memory and PCI Express I/O, delivering performance that is up to 32 percent higher than previous Dell four-processor offerings(1) .

For the first time ever, Dell PowerEdge four-processor servers can be configured for application-specific performance optimization. The new 64-bit Intel® XeonTM  processors MP are available in two different configurations: large 8MB level three cache, or a smaller level two cache with a faster processor clock speed. This enables customers to choose the configuration based on their data center environment to take advantage of either a larger cache or a faster processor clock speed.

For customers with a database environment, the PowerEdge servers can be configured with a large cache processor to efficiently handle the large data blocks typical in those environments. For other applications that benefit from processor-centric performance, customers will benefit from the faster processor speeds. The result is a PowerEdge server that offers the highest levels of performance but with a new, lower cost of acquisition. In fact, the PowerEdge 6800 and 6850 are the lowest priced four-processor servers ever offered by Dell.

“With the launch of the PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850, we have effectively lowered the barrier to entry for customers looking to deploy a high-performance, four-processor server for database environments,” said Jeff Clarke, senior vice president of the Enterprise Product Group, Dell. “While our customers continue to look to us for low cost, the real value we’re offering is a tightly integrated solution of high performance hardware, certification with leading applications, complete management software and the professional services to ensure optimal installation and usage in their data center.”

Full Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Database Applications

As a leader in the dual-processor database market, Dell plans to take a leadership position in the quad-processor server space with a broad offering for database applications. The PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850 are tested and validated for 32-bit configurations of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 9i, Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Microsoft SQL Server. Utilizing the 64-bit capability of the PowerEdge 6800 and 6850 servers, customers can be ensured of hardware investment protection as they migrate to 64-bit offerings of Oracle Database 10g and 10g, Real Application Clusters, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-bit Edition and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Dell will offer these 64-bit operating systems and database applications on the PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850 later this year.

PowerEdge 8th Generation – Most Manageable Servers Ever

Dell has expanded the systems management features for what are already the most manageable PowerEdge servers ever. Dell’s new OpenManage 4.3 release offers numerous ease-of-use, security and change management enhancements, simplified monitoring capabilities and streamlined deployment tools to install new servers quickly. The new tools in OpenManage 4.3 are easy to use with Web-based interfaces to allow anywhere access to IT assets.

Dell OpenManage now offers a full portfolio of tools for single server update (Server Update Utility), centralized hardware monitoring and updates (IT Assistant 7.0) and integrated hardware and software patch management with industry leading solutions such as Microsoft SMS 2003. Dell is the only major server provider that offers customers the ability to patch operating systems, applications and server software using one tool. Dell OpenManage 4.3 systems management tools are available at no additional charge with most Dell PowerEdge servers.

Data Center Services Unveiled

Dell today also announced a new Data Center Environmental Assessment service to assist customers by evaluating data center thermal and power requirements, analyzing current air flow design and helping customers plan for future growth. Dell also helps maximize capacity and utilization on the Dell PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850 servers through comprehensive consolidation services designed to simplify management of those data centers and make them more efficient (see separate news release for more detail).

Pricing and Availability

The PowerEdge 6800 and PowerEdge 6850 will be available worldwide in the coming weeks starting at $3,999 and $4,899, respectively. Additional information is available at and product photography is available at