Dataram Corporation today announced a new 4GB memory upgrade for IBMs eServer 326. The DRI325/4096, a single 4GB DDR266/PC2100 DIMM, is now available and fully supported in the e326. By installing eight of the 4GB modules, customers can achieve 32GB of memory, twice the amount currently available from IBM.

The IBM eServer 326 is especially well suited to memory-intensive applications and features dual AMD Opteron processors with eight memory slots. Slots 1-4 are used in a single processor configuration and slots 5-8 are activated in a dual processor configuration.

Dataram is fully committed to delivering the highest capacity memory possible for advanced technical users, stated Lars Marcher, president of Dataram. The testing and validation of the 4GB memory for the eServer 326 is another example of this ongoing commitment to stay on the cutting-edge of memory technology.

Combining the performance capabilities enabled with IBM Xtended Design Archtecture in the eServer 326 and installing up to 32GB of Dataram memory, todays enterprise community gains maximum performance and improved productivity. Dataram also offers 1 and 2GB upgrades in DDR400 speed for the eServer 326 as well as a full line of compatible memory upgrades for IBM servers and workstations costing up to 50% less than the manufacturer.