Savantis’ dbSwitch(TM) for Oracle was met with
excellent response upon its introduction last year; Savantis now plans
to support IBM’s UDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase in it’s next

dbSwitch virtualizes the database layer by pooling underutilized
database server resources into a Database Area Network (DAN),
efficiently allocating capacity across multiple applications. By
providing capacity management, resource optimization, and server
consolidation, Savantis reduces database total cost of ownership.

“When we introduced dbSwitch we targeted the Oracle community,
with successful results,” said Michael Blundin, Savantis vice
president of Product Management. “Our customers saw immediate
reduction in TCO by virtualizing their database server resources. Many
of them urged us to move forward with additional database support.”

Gartner recently posted research detailing worldwide RDBMS market
share. In the UNIX and Windows market, it shows significant growth of
new license sales of Microsoft SQL Server, IBM’s UDB, and others, with
Oracle remaining out front. According to the study, Microsoft SQL
Server currently accounts for 22.8% of the market and IBM’s UDB for

Blundin continued, “Most data centers today run databases from
multiple DBMS vendors, and managers are looking for ways to reduce the
cost across the entire database layer. In fact one of our customers, a
leading hosting provider, is currently leveraging dbSwitch to offer
their existing services at a higher margin. With the support of
additional databases, they can virtualize their entire database
population, and offer database as a service.”