PC Magazine, one of the oldest and most respected publications serving the computer industry, has awarded the DIR-855 its coveted “Editors’ Choice” designation, calling the device “King” of home wireless routers.

Praising the unit as “feature-rich in all the right places”, magazine reviewer and networking expert Oliver Rist stated that the DIR-855 is “faster than our previous dual-band king.”

“Everything about this wireless bit blaster stands out, starting with the design,” Rist added, noting its generous top-mounted OLED screen that he acknowledges is “large enough to display sophisticated menus and show a snapshot of the router’s current state and configuration.”

In reviewing the DIR-855 management console, Rist writes, “…I smile just thinking about it. Good times. It’s based on the same software you may have seen in other D-Link router products. The interface is stable, and it supports some cool features unique to the Xtreme N Duo.”

Regarding performance, Rist noted, “the DIR-855 can run in either the 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz wireless spectrum or in both simultaneously. That means you can keep the kids and their older wireless-g notebooks in the 2.4-GHz spectrum but use the 5-GHz band for your new office notebook with the wireless-n network card.”

The publication also singles out the D-Link Xtreme N Duo Media Router for its extensive list of expanded features, including “dynamic DNS, e-mail alerts, a syslog connection, local or NTP time settings, UPnP support, even an embedded Ping test,” adding “There’s a lot more to the DIR-855-enough both to make this device suitable as a high-end home router and to render it easily able to handle routing for a small office.”