D-BOX Technologies Inc.
announced that it has closed a licensing agreement with Walt Disney
Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) to feature D-BOX MOTION CODETM on select
Blu-ray Disc releases. D-BOX MOTION CODE will initially be featured on
WDSHE’s “The Game Plan,” which will be available in high-def only on Disney
Blu-ray Disc on January 22, 2008.

The addition of the D-BOX MOTION CODE to the high quality picture and
sound of the Blu-ray format will transport movie-viewers in the comfort of
their homes to a new dimension and let them be part of the movie. Of course,
only those homes equipped with D-BOX motion generation systems will enjoy the
full benefit of the Blu-ray Disc-embedded with D-BOX MOTION CODE.

“This is a very special time for D-BOX, as our technology will be used by
another one of the largest movie studios worldwide,” stated Claude Mc Master,
President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies. “As a Contributor
member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, we also want to show our strong
support for the high definition Blu-ray format. We are very proud of having
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on board as it will undoubtedly
accelerate the penetration of our technology worldwide and will significantly
enhance our efforts to become a world standard in the entertainment industry.”

“With the amazing picture and sound quality of our High Definition
Blu-ray titles, D-BOX MOTION CODE Technology is the perfect addition to
further engage viewers in an immersive experience,” added Gordon Ho, Executive
Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Creative Content and Business
Development for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.