CYTRACOM delivers infrastructure software purpose-built to empower managed service providers (MSPs) with cloud solutions that connect and secure both traditional and hybrid workforces. They recently announced a significant update to its ControlOne platform, enabling MSPs to prevent managed clients from evading security requirements and create a passwordless experience for end-users. Managed users are now always on the virtual corporate network, secured by unified global security policies, with an experience that is transparent to end users.

Once deployed, end users are always on the corporate network regardless of location and are protected by firewall and security policies directly managed by the MSP. This also enables MSPs to prevent users from disconnecting from the network, essentially closing a major security gap that exists in most solutions available in the market today.

The combination of the new silent deployment and passwordless experience of the CYTRACOM ControlOne agent, along with its ability to eliminate VPNs and firewalls, ensures MSPs innovate and achieve compliance with industry regulations and mandates set forth by cyber insurance providers and other regulatory bodies.

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